i love you. i know.

on friday, my mom made another one of a bajillion and a half sacrifices she has made for me in my life. she made the coolest costumes ever, thus enabling john and i to fulfill our secret dreams of becoming han solo and princess leia for a day.  the costumes were awesome, and i can only claim assisting in the cutting-out of the fabric.  my mom is quite the seamstress even though she would never say so herself.  
then john and i went to an epic murder mystery party with friends.  when i was young i imagined myself as a great murder detective.  and still, as an adult, i like to watch murder-mystery shows such as bones, monk, psych, the mentalist, etc.  well, i thought i would be an expert at catching the killer, but guess who caught the murderer?  no one.  no one got it right.  and i was probably the most confused of all.  i actually accused my husband of being the killer, if you want to know that truth.  quite lame of me, huh.

we also got to show off our costumes at the ward party {hence the cultural-hall background in these pictures}.  

i think john and i were a perfect han and leia couple, if i do say so myself.  i enjoy the famous line in the empire strikes back : "i love you" "i know". {and here's a link to the scene, if you get a certain kind of nerdy thrill out of watching it like i do} i think that funny line sums up our relationship pretty well.  

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