saturday adventures.

saturdays for john and i are often adventuresome.  this last saturday, we raced to get the car's oil changed and make it to john's intramural flag football game in time. afterwards, we walked all the way down to the stadium for the byu football game, realized we had printed off two of the same ticket and i {the nucklehead that i am} had forgotten my student I.D.  so we walked all the way back up to our house, and then all the way back down to the stadium.  after a fun {and kind of sad for idaho state} game, we walked back home. {that's an hour total of walking, folks.}

we got dinner at costco for $5.37 {i love that costco pizza.... and cheap costco dates....} and then went up to salt lake to see my brother sam perform in university singers. {he was amazing, as always.}  my favorite song from the night was "there will be rest".  there's an equally beautiful version of it here.  completely beautiful.

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