stone mountain!

stone mountain is one of my favorite things in atlanta so far.  {at the time the memorial of "stonewall" jackson, robert e. lee, and jefferson davis was carved, it had been fifty years since the civil war ended and slavery was abolished.  and, although it seems a little strange that people in the south are still "celebrating" the confederacy represented in the memorial, i think it's more of a "southern pride" thing than a south-versus-north thing.  people of every race and ethnicity were at the fireworks and laser show, and the laser show had an overreaching message of equality, love, and american pride.}  basically i loved it because the laser show was freaking awesome.

^^^ this is us, enjoying each other's company before the show.  we met up with some friends and even met some byu alums in the crowd.  isn't it great how the church is everywhere, and you can have immediate friends wherever you move?  we love it.
also, hazelnut started sitting up.  on her own.  i think it was the slant of the hill... but still.  where did my baby go?!

our wonderful friends!  they are just great.

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