world of coke.

newsflash!  i love anything brown and bubbly.  but i especially like coke zero lately.  and coke is just an american classic.  the world of coke is one of the must-see sites here in atlanta, so we made the plunge with some friends last saturday.  i am so glad we did.

some highlights of the trip:
1} learning the history of coke, from when it was first made and how it was first served, to how the secret recipe has been kept secret for 127 years, to the introduction of new coke and its recall, to the worldwide phenomenon coke is today
2}  watching coke commercials from as far back as the 60's  
3}  seeing how coke is packaged and learning about the process firsthand

after w.o.c., we went to anticos!  because hello! yum.

and also, yum.

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