walking dead sites.

about two and a half years ago, my brother sam introduced me to the walking dead, on christmas night.   if you'd like to read that post, you can check it out here.  i couldn't sleep that night, and swore off zombie-movies forevermore.  but then, over this last christmas break, john and his friend played black ops zombies a lot.  i actually played some, too!  and then, i saw a little clip of the walking dead on tv, and was actually able to sleep that night.  so, john and i started watching it again.  i could finally let myself be enamored with the story, and i became obsessed with it, just like all the other amc viewers out there.

now, as fate would have it, we are in georgia!  where they film the walking dead!  so of course we had to venture out to see some of the film sites.  they have a lot of little old towns out here, way older than anything in utah, and it makes it the perfect state to film in.  i didn't think i would find it as cool as i did to see where they filmed in real life.  i got so excited it's kind of embarrassing.  

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Eden said...

Oh. My. Heck. The best part of this post is Hazel's legs. Yum.