that one time we went to chinatown.

oh, how i love the weekend.  ours was wonderful.  it's so nice to get out of the house on weekends, because usually i am confined to our little apartment and anything within a square mile of it.  and you can only do so much walking around in 90 degree weather with humidity to match it, ya know?

on saturday john took hazel and i to chinatown!  at least, that's what we're calling it.  we found it quite by accident one day when we had nothing to do but i was desperate to go on a drive/walk in new territory.  so i typed "mall" into my phone map and it came up as one of the options.  all i can say is, hallelujah!  there are too few authentic and yummy chinese food places in the world.

this place is legit.  john and i had a meal just like what we would have had over a year ago in taiwan/china.  {ie. not panda express}  it was delicious.  and, there's a nice stinky chinese market and live music too!  it made for a fun outing.

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