when we became a two-nap family.

big news around here....

hazel has switched from an indeterminate number of naps each day.... to two naps per day!

for months i had been doing everything in my power to get her to take a nap longer than forty minutes.  white noise, darkening her room, cio, stroller naps, car seat naps, putting her down earlier, putting her down later, nursing her to sleep, not nursing her to sleep.... i seriously tried everything.  it was a wonderful day when she would even take three-ish naps a day, and one of them even lasted for an hour and a half!  sometimes.

and then, last monday, hazel made up her mind that she was going to take two naps a day, and that they were going to last longer than forty minutes.  and it was glorious.  she is a lot happier now that she gets the rest she needs.

also worth noting:
at church today a lady and i started talking.  she suggested that her daughter {age one and a half} would love to play with my daughter, whom i was holding.
her:  how old is she?
me:  5 months.
her:  wow she's big!
me:  yes.  maybe she wouldn't be the best playmate for your daughter.... (since your daughter can walk and talk and all mine does is hang out in the jenny jump-up and watch baby einsteins...)

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