aaaaand we're back.

whoa.  it took a long time for me to get back on the computer.  between unpacking, cleaning, and soaking up family time, we've literally had zero time to take pictures, let alone upload them!  but here i am, finally sitting down to document.  

what can i say about two plane rides with a 6-month old?  DON'T DO IT.  but honestly, if it wasn't in place of a 28-hour drive, it wouldn't have been worth it.  hazel is just not a flyer.  she screamed during the entire take-off of both flights.  lesson learned:  don't take a 6-month old on two flights in a row.  one is okay.  two is not.  and fly in the morning when she's happy.  

anyways, during the flight a really nice french woman that spoke zero english helped me with hazel. she held her while she screamed and i tried to get my crap together, and then distracted her later on when i was trying to do who knows what to keep her happy.  grateful for little french strangers that are willing to help out.  

the past week here we have mostly just spent time with family and helped a teething/post-shots baby hazel.  john is getting ready for mba school and i am all for this dry heat.  bring it on, utah!

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