some things i've been thinking about, as we approach six months.

my baby is going to be six months old in about two weeks.  and i'm all, rude!

she has grown and developed so much.  she's ten pounds heavier than she was when she was born, {oink! oink!}, can sit up all by herself nowadays, and is discovering the world around her.  each day she makes developmental leaps that can't be easy.  so as hard as being a mom has been, i submit to you that life for babies is much, much harder.

first off, babies can't tell you what they need.  they can only cry and hope that you figure it out. sad!  they don't know how to fall asleep on their own, and when first born they can't even lift their ginormous heads.  they have to be taught to sleep, pooping is often difficult, and they move their body as uncoordinated as frankenstein.  {sometimes we call hazel frankenbaby when she's doing her jerky arm-movements}.  gosh, being a baby is hard.

so as frustrating as my life has been as a mom, {and it goes without saying that being a mom is also the most wonderful thing that has happened to me since marrying john....} i can't help but imagine that her life is frustrating, too.  and that when i'm struggling to get her down for a nap it's only because she can't help it, she just wants to explore the world around her!

lately i've been a little selfish, saying, "it took me an hour and a half to get the baby down for her nap!"  when i should have been saying, "the poor baby was exhausted and really needed sleep, but she didn't know how to fall asleep... poor thing."  some things about being a mom will be as they always have been - amazing.  and some things about being a mom will be as they always have been - so incredibly hard.  but gosh, i feel like it's my calling in life.  i love it, and i want to make 500 of them. ;)  hopefully, by some miracle, i can make this developmentally difficult year in my baby's life a happy one.  i can only help by giving her all the love and care she needs. 

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Rach said...

I love this! And I love following your journey as a mom, it encourages me. Hazel is so stinkin cute. I think I'm obsessed with her birthmark. :-)