how we changed atlanta.

john and i single-handedly rid all the grocery stores of all blue bell red velvet cake ice cream.

we also missed at least ten freeway exits, and wrote google maps about it.

i made the pool manager at our apartment paranoid that i was going to come swimming, even on cold days, and that he would have to be present.

our local walmart now keeps double the amount of monster energy drinks/coke zero in stock.

there is a significant amount of raid outside and around our apartment.  some spiders/june bugs/cockroaches may have developed some tolerance to it.  while many others have died quite horrifically.  sorry, environment.

today is john's last day at the good ole internship.  and while living in atlanta {and making our little mark ;} has been so fun, we are ready to be back with family for awhile.  we are so grateful for our opportunity to have been here, to learn to lean on each other, and to have discovered a new city.

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