the triple-bypass burger.

sometimes, you hear about an amazing place to eat in atlanta.  and, because you live in atlanta, you really really want to try it.  so, even though it's a bar, and even though they won't let you bring your baby inside, you go anyway, and get it to go, and eat it in your car.  sometimes, that "triple-bypass burger" is totally worth it.  

^^^^ you also get a glimpse of the mary margaret house, and reminisce of days reading gone with the wind, and being so furious about the ending you could cry.

you then decide to see what's what at piedmont park, because you've heard of piedmont park and you're generally curious.

and then sometimes, in the afternoon, you undress your baby down to her drawers, because you live in atlanta after all, and it's so dang hot outside!

then you call it a day, go home, and eat peach cobbler.

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Briana Aileen said...

I think I am having a pregnancy craving for that hamburger