some things about us.

1}  we have breakfast for dinner at least once a week.
2}  our agreed-upon nickname for hazel over the past few weeks has been "the beebes"
3}  she has developed a habit of eating ice cream every night, and he lets her
4}  sometimes we have full texting conversations purely in emojis.
5}  we have collectively watched all the episodes of 24, big bang theory, star trek (well, okay, most of star trek, there's a lot!), breaking bad, psych, and many, many more!  (we're kind of t.v. junkies)
6}  frisbee golfing is a must at least once a month
7}  he didn't like condiments or diet coke, and then she ruined him ;)
8}  he sings incorrect lyrics to almost every tune, and she corrects him
9}  sometimes when hazelnut is sleeping, we sit in bed and watch videos of her
10}  we plan our halloween costumes months in advance
11}  our first kiss was during "bill and ted's excellent adventure"
12}  saturday mornings usually consist of a family snuggle
13}  he can quote "dumb and dumber" word-for-word
14}  she never knows he's quoting "dumb and dumber"
15}  10-20% of our days are spent trying to get the beebes to laugh, and catch it on camera

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