i haven't been a good wife lately.

i haven't been a good wife lately. it hit me, today during sunday school, that i am so tired, and so busy, that i rarely leave a piece of myself available for john at the end of the day. and this, is why i am so lucky and blessed in my choice of spouse. because john, despite all my shortcomings during pregnancy and raising and nurturing a toddler, has not only been forgiving, and patient, and kind, but he has also picked up the slack. while i am more cranky and short-fused, john is collected and loving. and boy, do you need someone like that when you are struggling with the physical, emotional, and psychological burdens of pregnancy. i feel especially tired this time, and i'm sure it has something to do with raising a busy toddler as well as growing a baby- and so i am so grateful to him for giving his all so that i can rest. to be honest, i am terrified of things to come. excited, but utterly petrified at having a newborn + sweet lovable hazel to take care of. hazel who, by the way, has also been extremely flexible in ways that help me keep my sanity! but for good or bad, our family is on this road together, a road that leads to eternal happiness if we play our cards right and endure to the end. and i am so grateful for that. 

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