idaho falls.

right now, we are in idaho falls having a blast with john's family.  when i first married john, i was worried that doing every-other year for christmas/thanksgiving with our families was going to be hard for me.  and to be honest, it really hasn't been.  besides feeling like one of the brunts, and being treated just like a daughter by george & leslie, i also enjoy our holidays with them so much, that i miss them on the off-holidays.  of course, i miss my own family too on thanksgiving with the brunts, but i can guarantee, come christmas, there will be a twinge in my heart because i won't be seeing the brunts {except maybe on skype} this year.  it's so nice to have married into a family that i love and appreciate just as much as my own.  yes, the holidays tend to be different, the traditions are a little different, but the feelings of love and togetherness.... are about the same.

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