life lately.

our life has been really great lately.  i don't mean to brag, but things are going really well in this little family of ours.  of course hazel is a terrible eater, as always, but in many ways she is just as easy as can be to take care of.  things are great between john and i, and i get to eat more food than usual because i'm pregnant.  so, all things considered, i think we're doing pretty great!

here are a few pictures of life lately:

1. john got his new xbox game, advanced warfare, and has been playing it occasionally when nothing is going on.  secretly, hazel and i enjoy watching.  as you can see, she likes to "play" the game too.
2. i bought a new beanie, and hazel basically just steals it from me constantly.
3. feeding the ducks, as always, is one of our favorite outings.
4. on the plane ride to utah for the holidays!  hazel lucked out and got her very own seat... although she sat on my lap half the time anyways ;)

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