if you're like me, then you decided not to do a costume this year.  then, you decided the day before halloween that you didn't want to be lame and at least should spend a couple hours and make your daughter a costume.  and then, you decide because you are making her a costume that it won't be too much trouble to also make a costume for yourself, and before you know it, your husband feels very left out on halloween night.  and you end up spending some time figuring out what he's going to be, and getting him a costume put together, and eating dinner, and before you know it, all the good light is gone and you have to use flash for the only halloween pictures you will have for this year.  and you miss most of the carnival and only make it to the outdoor movie. sigh.  halloween this year was kind of a bust, but at least hazel looked cute.  and at least she's too young to really know any better :)  better costume years can be seen here and here.
also, hazel's costume went with both john's and mine, so that's kind of like having a family costume, right?

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