a 32-week baby bump!

oh look, a 32-week baby bump!
don't be fooled, hazel is excited to be brushing her teeth, not about getting a baby sister in a couple months. ;) i've been reading our "i'm a big sister" book to her, and doing all the prep-work i can, but how do you prepare an almost 2-year old for the impending arrival of a sibling?  i know she will be okay, and that these girls are going to be best friends.  i just wish it didn't have to be such a shock to her little system.  praying she loves (or at least ignores) her little sister quickly.  

things have been pretty quiet over here lately.  i feel like all i do is clean clean clean these days.  we bought a new dresser off craigslist for the girls' room, so i've been working on refinishing that.  i also bought some fabric to make curtains for their room, but will probably wait to have the dresser in working order before i start in on the curtains.  it's only took me four months to get things hung up in hazel's room, and several more to almost have it "finished", but our homes never really feel finished anyway, do they?

lately it's struck me how super close i am to having a newborn in my arms.  now i know that these next few weeks will probably drraaaag on, but still.  the end approacheth!

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