some thoughts on 24.

these past few days have been fantastic.  my in-laws have been in town, which is a dream come true.  leslie helps keep me motivated to get ready for the baby, which i really need, {because before she flew in i didn't even have any newborn diapers.  which is just... embarrassing.} and hazel absolutely adores them.  it's just so fun having them here.  i'm glad that i have a reassurance that they will fly in again in march :)  newborns typically motivate people to come visit you for some reason ;)

also, it was my birthday a couple days ago{my 24th, if you're curious}, and all i could think about the whole day was how grateful i am to be a mother... that out of all the gifts john has given me, hazel has been the absolute best.  she is so fun, and engaging, and sweet.  i have thought a lot about newborn hazel as we've pulled out her little clothes... and i just can't wait to be a mother to another little girl.  i'm sure she will be different than hazel, and that's also an exciting thought.  because another sweet spirit is getting ready to come down and join our family very soon.

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