a dresser for the nursery.

behold, our new nursery dresser!
i'm not much of a diy blogger.  i use this blog as a journal and as a way to keep family informed.  so every once and awhile when i do actually complete a project, and feel the need to document it, this seems to be the perfect place.  i don't take a bunch of step-by-step photos, because there are plenty of tutorials out there already on refinishing furniture {i followed a couple myself to refinish this dresser}.  i just want to have a place where i can say look, i did that.  because really, it feels pretty good to finish a project like this and to be proud of what you created.  i mean honestly, we needed more space for the girls clothes because one tiny changing table dresser wasn't going to fit the clothes for both girls, {hazel's were crammed in there as it was} but john and i didn't want to spend a fortune on a nice dresser that would last a long time, nor did we want to spend a little money on something i wasn't going to love.  so, with john's support, i selected a $30 dresser on craigslist to go scope out.  it was honestly, a mess.  but it had potential.  after a lot of work, i am in love with what we ended up with!  

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