i've been feeling really great lately.  yes, i am still pregnant, and yes, being pregnant isn't one bit glamorous at all.  but i know that i am in the best part of it, and may not be for much longer.  so, put a diet coke in me and watch me work, because i have been cleaning and nesting like nobody's business over here.

when you're nesting, you notice every little bit of cleaning that needs to get done, even if most other humans can't see it.  today, i wiped down all of our kitchen cabinets, sanitized every surface in the house, and dusted... everywhere.  i also cleaned the bathrooms, which i do often anyway.  but there are nooks and crannies that i never knew existed until now, and they must all be immaculate.

i am acutely aware that i am crazy.  nevertheless, i will probably clean like this every single day until i am too large to stand up.  ;)

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