a letter to baby #2:

dear baby girl,

just a few short weeks until you will join our family.  i feel bad, because you haven't gotten the same number of silly pregnancy letters or bump pics as your older sister.  you're kind of getting my parenting sloppy-seconds if you will, but hazel was the guinea pig, so it all evens out kind of, doesn't it?

we are stressing about what to name you.  with hazel, we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted her name to be.  but with you, we are really unsure.  i'm hoping that i will see your cute face and know what your name should be.  right now, i spend late nights frantically searching the internet for names i love.  hopefully, something will stick soon!

you've mostly made me crave cafe rio, double-doubles, cookies and cream ice cream, dirty diet coke, and neopolitan pizza.  my hips and thighs have got plenty of meat on them thanks to those cravings you are sending my way!  womb service is in full swing these days, and your daddy happily obliges.  our food budget is through the roof this month, but what baby wants, baby gets!

despite the lack of bump pics, letters in the womb, and late-night cravings, we dearly love you already, and can't wait for you to get here.  {but really i can wait... you stay in there until you're completely ready, okay?}

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