date night with george and leslie.

date night last night consisted of car shopping {the explorer is dead}, dinner at 5 guys {my favorite}, cookies at smartcookie {a sugar overload}, and breaking dawn {a terrible but also really entertaining movie - why are we so sucked in by twilight?!}. we doubled with john's parents, who we love so much.  they are so good to us {and me} and treat me as if i was their own daughter.  they inspire me every day - just by being who they are.  they are kind to everyone and so fun to be around.  truly, i love them.  


stephanie said...

sounds like a good weekend! what cars are you looking at?

paige brunt said...

mostly crossovers. we need something that works well in the snow, but has good gas mileage. do you have any suggestions? :)

Anna Peterson said...

your car is dead?! Do you need any rides? Let me know.