day of thanksgiving.

i know everyone in the blogging world is posting about what they are grateful for today.
sorry, i'm no less unique.  each year when we wind up coming towards this delicious holiday, i feel that i act like such an ungrateful person, because i rarely acknowledge the overwhelmingly kind things that people do for me.  i'd like to take this opportunity tell those that i love how much they mean to me, and how grateful i am for them.  

muti, vati - thanks for giving me life, and teaching me how to be a good person.  i am not perfect, but what good qualities i have come mostly from how you raised me.

brothers and sisters - thanks for the fun, the laughs, and the examples you are to me.  we usually get along, but sometimes we want to punch each other in the face.  thanks for not.  

uncles and aunts - you guys are goobers, and you make me laugh constantly.  i wouldn't have my pepsi addiction without all of you, and i really love my pepsi addiction, so thanks.

in laws - you guys are awesome.  thanks for accepting me and making me feel like i belong.  love you all!

john - thanks for all your patience with me this last year of marriage.  thanks for all the things you do that make me laugh.  thanks for loving me, even when i'm ridiculous.  thank you for being the kind of person i want to become.

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