what i'd rather do than go car shopping.

i kind of dislike car shopping.  i also kind of dislike car salesmen.  i also kind of dislike car dealerships.  but most of all, i dislike that just a week before the explorer died, we were hoping and praying for it to last until april.  

let me tell you what i'd rather do than go to a car dealership:
get a root canal
break my arm
write a 20-page paper on colon cancer
eat my toenails
sing in front of 5,000 people
live in antarctica
spend a night in jail
{don't worry, there are probably many more}

my point is, being in the market for a car is exhausting.  each day, we go to two more dealerships, and look at cars we can't afford, and talk to dealers that want to pressure us into cars we can't afford {and won't give us a fair deal because they want a bigger cut of what we pay}.  we've looked at about every midsize SUV and crossover in existance from provo to north salt lake.  we've looked at new, we've looked at used. we've looked at leasing, we've looked at buying.  i've even considered fixing the explorer and trying to get more life out of it, because buying a car is terribly painful.  

in conclusion:  
don't go car shopping.  ever.
just take the bus instead.
the end.


riotersbloc said...

Haha this post made me laugh! But I feel for you. I've never had to go car shopping and dread the day I will have to :/

Semen Rendi said...

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