hurray for november!

don't you just love fall colors?  on my freezing walk home, i saw this miraculous picture of the changing leaves against the background of the grey-white mountain mist.  isn't it  beautiful? some other fun photos from this last week:

1.  {delicious} cookies and cream chocolate milk. seriously, it's like drinking ice cream.
2.  y mountain on a saturday morning
3.  john's famous breakfast fried rice. {so scrumptious.}
4.  byu devotional from our beloved prophet
5.  more fall colors
6.  the man, the legend. brigham young.
7.  minion cupcakes from despicable me.  {i can take no credit - my aunt eden made them}
8.  umbrella city.  it was quite rainy today....

happy november!

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Andie and Jacob Miller said...

I absolutely LOVE those cupcakes!!!