i love the holidays.  love love love.  this week was a breath of fresh air - we needed the break so badly.  on thanksgiving day, we played soccer in the morning, and then went to my dad's parents' house for a delicious dinner.  my grandma is a fabulous cook and we totally gorged.  my aunt made these cute turkeys out of candy.  {aren't they awesome?!}  and monkey ate a full turkey leg by himself.  

on friday we went to  the muppets movie with my mom's side of the family.  we were entertained by it, and who doesn't love the muppets?  we then ate homemade chinese food, and i will always uphold that my family's won-tons are way better than any take-out won-tons.  {i think john would agree}.  the weekend was full of black-friday shopping and tons of family fun.  
p.s.  have you seen new girl?  we kind of love it.  it is hilarious.  hope you had a wonderful "hanksgiving" too!

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Briana Aileen said...

Sounds like a great thanksgiving! I so do not want to face the end of this semester!