california, part 1.

we flew into long beach on thursday night.  hazel did amazing on the flight.  she hammed it up with all the strangers and i'm starting to think that she really loves being the center of attention.  {i wonder which one of her parents she gets that from ;)} upon walking out of the plane, i remembered why i want to live in california so badly.  the weather is simply perfect.  we were starving and i could smell in-n-out at every corner.  so of course we each got a double-double.  and we may have stopped at sprinkles on the way to the hotel....

the next day, we went to california adventure with the brunts.  i haven't been in several years, and i was so impressed with their new additions.  cars land was so perfect.  and woody's round-up had to be my favorite ride in the entire park.

^^is there anything better than a baby sleeping in a stroller?

this is us on the ferris wheel, our final ride of the night.  the ferris wheel is actually pretty terrifying to me.  and this one is worse, because it swings!  ^^ this is hazel's face as we are swinging.  she makes this face on the swings at home, and basically anytime wind hits her face.  we love her so.

stay tuned for part 2.

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