hot pot.

we celebrated our anniversary by going to hot pot. if you aren't familiar with hot pot, you should be. you pick tons of raw veggies and meat and cook them in a steaming spicy pot of broth right in front of you, and pull the yumminess out with chopsticks and eat it as it gets done.... probably my favorite eating experience. it tops hibachi grills, but only just barely. 

we didn't get a babysitter, but luckily hazelnut was her angel self and our dinner was wonderful with her. we finished the night with cocoa bean cupcakes (snicker doodle and pumpkin, thank you very much), and the breaking bad series finale.

it's funny to think about how we have celebrated, just monetarily, each anniversary thus far. the first year we ate at ruth's chris and probably spent $130. second year, tepanyaki $70. third year, four seasons hot pot $40. next year we'll probably make pb&js and call it good. ;)

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