john harman.

sometimes, he helps my sister jenna with math homework even though he knows he is going to be up all night doing his own.

sometimes, he instinctively nods his head in approval as he eats the dinner i made.

sometimes, he says, "there's always time to make cookies"  even though there really isn't.

sometimes, he wears church socks with his vans and looks really, really cool.

sometimes, he doesn't complain about anything for weeks.

sometimes, he can get me to be in a good mood, even when i am determined to be in a bad one.

sometimes, i notice him staring fondly at hazel.

sometimes, he laughs out loud, and i love it.

he just happens to be my best friend.  and i really owe him a small apology for being so scatterbrained and selfish lately.  just as he always does, he bears my tantrums bad moods with the greatest degree of love and patience, and for that i am so so grateful.  thanks john, for everything you do.  just so you know, i really like you.

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