this is john brunt.

he loves dancing goofy to get me to laugh, he makes a mean breakfast burrito, and he's always up for an adventure.  he owns twenty pairs of pants but only wears two of them.  he is so patient he could watch grass just to see it grow.  he has to listen to a song at least three times to decide if he really likes it.  he can only grow a neck-beard.  he hates that he can only grow a neck-beard.  he hates it when i pop a zit.  he spends way too much time playing games on his phone.  his diet would consist of cereal, take-out, and hot-pockets if i didn't intervene.  he has several must-see tv shows.  he reads jack reacher novels.  he wishes he could be jack reacher. 

he also happens to be my husband.  and for all the wonderful things about him that i love,{and also the things that i have had to learn to love}, i am grateful.  i have grown to love him so much more than i did that first day i saw him - across the room at jordan's birthday party.... dressed in a long black winter peacoat.... awkward with a little bit of red stubble on his face.  that twitterpation has deepened to a love i cannot express nor could i have ever imagined.  if you had told me, when we were newly married, that infatuation wouldn't linger, i would have told you that you were crazy.  and here i am, post-baby and three years of marriage, and i am telling you, that infatuation is still there.  as is the strength and love of going through trials and challenges together.  the bond of making and taking care of a child together.  the faith and charity that comes from trying to be like the Savior together.  

so happy three years, john brunt.  thanks for making me the happiest woman in the world, three years in a row.  that must be some kind of record or something...

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