missed our flu shot appointment
missed hazel's second nap
dropped baby food jars 4 times while leaving the store
was short with my husband
got silently angry at a friend
4 coke zeroes

took B on a loooong walk
made a yummy dinner
read three books to hazel
my house is clean
made a thanksgiving printable
made time to watch tv shows with john

today has been one of those days, man.  no matter how many hours of sleep i get, i am still trashed by the end of the day.  i have tried really hard to be on top of things and i constantly feel like the more i get around the house, the less of a good wife and mother i am.  i am so grateful for the patience john and hazel constantly have for me.  without it, i don't know what i would do!  i am so grateful for the chance i get to love/be with/take care of them.

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