i am kind of freaking out because i will get to be with john by wednesday night!  oh john, i can't wait to see you.  although this has been a one-in-a-lifetime experience, i never want to be without you ever again.  

i want to tell you all about my day, but it really wasn't that significant.  we went to a nice ward in tainan, and even went to an english-speaking sunday school class.  for lunch we went to get gun bun tiao, the "dry noodle" that i blogged about yesterday.  it was so good i just couldn't stay away!  in the afternoon i took a nap, and then we did presentations for about two and a half hours.  fortunately, i am now done with all my homework for the semester!  {except for the final exam, which i will be taking while john and i are in beijing.  hmmm...}

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Briana Aileen said...

cute shirt! I LOVE reading your blog updates! Looks like you had a fantastic experience and I hope you have the best time ever in China!