church in taiwan.

we went to about four hours of all-in-mandarin church today, so i’m a little thrilled to be speaking to anyone in english right now. 
but john brilliantly translated all four meetings for me.  he’s a champ.

i met the yang family!  oh my goodness, i love them.  sister yang just held my hand and made me feel special.  their older son is such a happy, friendly guy, and spent some time speaking to me in english {for which i was very grateful}.  their younger son has a developmental disorder, and the whole family is just so great with him.  i love seeing families who just do the right thing for their children {like my uncle matt and aunt Shannon}, no matter what.  they were an inspiration to me.  aka i want to be just like them! 

everyone sent us off on an airplane to hong kong.  we arrived late, and just slept in our hotel, but i can already tell that the skyline is amazing.  i am so excited for the adventure ahead!  

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