day #13: the 101 and the LDS temple.

to start off the day, we went to the taipei 101, the second tallest building in the world! the empire-state building has got nothing on this.  i seriously had butterflies walking around the 89th floor.  {which was as high as they would let us go.}  it was amazing, being up there.  it felt like the world was a miniature toy.  

next we planned to go to a dutch fort up in the northern part of taiwan.  but, as always when you are on vacation, things don't go exactly as planned.  we ended up in some random small town at the edge of taipei, next to the beach.  so, we played on the beach, of course!

then we headed {back to our leopard hostel, via bus, train, and taxi, and changed into church clothes, and went} to the temple.  

the temple was wonderful.  the nice mission president and temple workers came in especially for us, so that we could do baptisms. there was such an amazing spirit and i got to be a part of the baptism of chinese people that have waited for thousands of years!  simply incredible.  the temple is beautiful - it truly stands out on the street - it is right across from a gas station.  

after baptisms we went and got the best tsa-bing i have had since coming to taiwan! the shaved ice was made of milk.  

this man was cutting noodles off of dough at the speed of light.  it is so fun to see the culinary talent that exists in taiwan.  

{p.s. we walked to the temple by going through the chiang-kai shek memorial square! [both ways]}

we ended the night at the shilin night market, which was huge.  see that last picture? and the multitudes of people down the street?  yeah, we walked through that.  i also saw a baby yorkie and cried a little bit cause i wanted to buy it so badly.  john, watch out.... you may come to taiwan with a new member of our family to welcome in....

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