hong kong day #1.

they drive on the wrong side of the road in hong kong.

well, okay.  not wrong, just opposite.  but it feels wrong since i’ve almost been hit by a car like twenty times today.  good thing i have john to pull me out of harms way with herculean strength, because i would otherwise be roadkill right now. 

this morning we woke up, and walked around and around our hotel searching aimlessly for a breakfast place.  john would have asked someone for a recommendation, but people in hong kong unreasonably speakcantonese.  {what is that?  and for the record, it sounds like the language that jabba-the-hut’s little rat speaks in return of the jedi}.  but, we finally did find a breakfast place, and they had ovaltine.  which I’ve never had before.  i’m just glad to have discovered it, because i really can’t imagine a world without it anymore.  {just as i’m typing this john is telling me that ovaltine is the “nesquick of the 50’s.  and i’m all, what’s wrong with that?}

the star ferry was one of my favorites in hong kong.  you can see the whole skyline from the ferry:

and i also tried my first dragonfruit:

our first sight on the list of things to see was victoria’s peak.  we took the subway over to the island, however, you couldn’t see the tops of the buildings because it was so cloudy, let alone the peak.  so instead, we focused our efforts on seeing a lot of hong kong island via foot.  {like, ten miles of walking or so}.  we also searched about three hours for a dim sum place, coming up quite shorthanded because the one we went to didn’t push the fun little carts around.  but it was still quite delicious:

then we saw the temple street night market, the jade market, and the ladies market in mong kok.  i have sick bargaining skills and got a woman to go down from 3,600 HKD to 100 HKD {like $14} on a jade bracelet.  i know, you’re impressed.

by this point, we were exhausted.  but it was only five pm and we still had a lot of the night to explore.  we took a break in the park and ate an egg tart, and i may have cried a little from exhaustion.  but we soldiered on!

we walked all the way down nathan road, tried to find a ferry to macau, {we didn’t end up going to macau, because it’s not really our scene.  but we definitely considered it so we could say that we went. whatever.} and bought a hey tang that ended up having tea in it, taking one sip, and throwing it away.  i’m so glad i married someone righteous who was willing to throw that hey tang away with me.

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