hong kong day #3.

today we finally made it to victoria’s peak!  it was well-worth the wait.  i had been checking the weather every day to see if it was clear enough and finally today it was.  we took some great pictures:

and then we headed to the mainland china border at shenzhen.  i really liked the food that we ate for linner.  my first impression of the chinese:  they smoke a lot, and wherever they please.  they also like to spit a lot and don’t care if it’s in your direction.  and the babies have little open butt flaps in their clothing so they don’t need diapers.  {aka they squat wherever they please}  oh china, i don’t know if i could ever get used to you. 

then we got on a sleeper bus.  {what, are we crazy?  yes, yes we are.}  the sleeper bus was a completely crazy decision and also so funny and fun.  i actually think i preferred it to the train we could have ridden on.  we had a bed and pillows, were able to watch two movies that played on the bus, and tylenol p.m. on our side.  as long as you didn’t think too much about how many people had slept on that same bed as you, it wasn’t too bad.  there was an hour-long stretch of extremely bumpy road, but other than that, i slept surprisingly well under the circumstances.  i'll just leave you in suspense for what happened after that….

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