today was so fun.  the shu family took us to a beautiful river and on a small hike.  we also ate one of the best breakfasts i have ever had in taiwan.  {why couldn't john have been here for the last four weeks?}  

we took a picture in the same exact spot that john did 6 years ago!
not a missionary:

we then went to the jiufen street market.  i love the markets here.  they are crowded with people and shops.  jiufen is on the side of a tall mountain where people used to mine for gold.  the fog rolls over the mountains and streets with thin staircases winding up the side.  it's a really cool place.

these are all along the mountainside.  they are tiny buildings, or alters, that the ashes of deceased persons are placed in.  the locals jokingly call them "night clubs", because they believe that ghosts come out at night.

this is a hunk of gold weighing 220 kg.  don't ask me to do the math in lbs.  i'm too tired.

for dinner, we had hot pot.  mine was super spicy and delicious.  there was a better selection of meats and veggies than i have ever seen at an all-you-can eat place.  i am telling you, the taiwanese people know how to eat!

if you are curious, this is a baby octopus that i ate.  it was super rubbery.  but secretly good?

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ami said...

Ooooo. Baby octopus? Cool blogging Paige. Love and miss you both!!!