this morning we went to an aerobic dance class.  it was so incredibly fun.  all these nice taiwanese ladies invited us back for the whole month free of charge.  i think we also made incredible fools of ourselves, but i enjoyed doing so.  on the way home, we got an ice monster.  oh gosh, i can't wait for the mangoes to come in season!

then we went to downtown to see a taiwanese sword maker and shop.  apparently, the sword maker uses human bones in the process of making his swords.  i didn't ask.

mutton and rice for lunch:  

shopping is so fun here.  they have cute clothes.  lots of polka dots and lace, which i love.

in the evening we went to the night market for dinner:  

i really like this tortilla thing.  it's an egg with onion wrapped in a flaky crust.  so good.

after that we saw the avengers.  it was still culturally enriching because we got to experience taiwanese movie theatres and popcorn.  {which were both the same as in america.  but they could have been different - we just wanted to check} and the movie was really great.  i'm off to bed now.  goodnight!

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ami said...

Ugh. Paige. The food. I couldn't do it. Love you tons and love reading about gross food! Xoxoxo