taiwan day #11.

today was my last day in the medical icu.  next week i will be in hospice.  i am sad to leave the micu, but i'm sure that i will enjoy hospice as well.  but there were lots of hugs and i was a little sad about not working with the good doctors and nurses on the unit anymore.

this is dwa bing.  or something like that.  and i love it.

this is mushroom goop.  or maybe it's meat?  i was a little unsure....

mien.  noodles.  sometimes, you just want straight up noodles.

and papaya niu-nai with aubrey.  so delicious.  i get at least one a day.

not much more to report!  we are going to taipei until sunday, so i probably won't blog until i get back.  get ready for an onslaught of pictures sunday night.  xoxo 

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