day #16: our first day on the hospice unit.

i loved the hospice unit today.  my nurse, june, is so sweet and knowledgeable.  but by far my favorite part of the day was with the clinical psychologist.  let's just say, she was so sweet that she made me cry.  and then she held my hand and sang me a song!  i am writing a much more detailed and personal account of the experience for my reflective writing assignment.  so if you want to know more, just ask.  

i have had some of john's wintermelon drink {dong gua cha} when we were home, but for some reason, this wintermelon drink was way better.  i think everything just tastes better here!

we had dinner with the community nurses and doctors at a japanese restaurant.  i liked everything we ate except:

ground-up boiled fish is not my favorite.

these people are so great.

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