day #15: our last day in hualien

we went to an LDS ward in hualien.  the missionaries translated the entire sacrament meeting for us, so i got a little bit more out of the meeting than last week. {when i couldn't understand one. single. word}  here's a picture of us in front of the chinese sign:  "the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints"

the meeting was similar to mother's-day meetings in the u.s.  each mother or "mother-to-be" in the room got some flowers and a letter that said, "mother i love you".  here are my flowers:

{on a related note:  anyone that finds out i am married here freaks out and says, "oh, you so young!"  and soon afterwards asks if i have any children! [people here don't get married until they are thirty or older] but married or unmarried, we were all grateful to be recognized as "one day mothers"}

then we took the six-hour trip back home.  once home, i ate this for dinner:

surprisingly, i am starting to love the food here.  not just like, but love.  even things that i couldn't stomach at first, i am actually craving!  what is that?  cruel, i think, that when i only have one and a half weeks left, i am finally falling in love with the food....

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