days 19, 20, and 21.

we just got back from kenting!  we had such a fabulous weekend.  the first day, we traveled to kenting, layed on the beach, and ate a really delicious dry noodle. thinking about that dry noodle now makes me hungry.  it is so funny.  when i first got here, i thought that a great deal of the food was repulsive.  now, i find that those same foods that i found i didn't like, i am actually craving!  i legitimately crave things that you people back home would think were disgusting.  i know that i did ;)

we also did a lot of night market shopping, and i got a hey tang boba every. single. night.  i might be a little obsessed.

{we may have also secretly gone skinny-dipping around midnight on a forbidden beach. shhhh.  don't tell anyone!}

the next morning we rented scooters and had the near-death experience of dealing with the crazy drivers in taiwan.  {whether they ride a scooter or drive a car, it doesn't really matter.  no one obeys traffic laws because no one enforces them!  haha.}  it was quite an adventure.  once we got out of town, though, it was just beautiful beaches, mountains, winding roads, and miles and miles of the breathtaking coast of taiwan.  i didn't get lots of pictures because i was driving, but it was hands-down the best day in taiwan.  i think i could happily retire here.  what do you think, john?

it was super rainy the third day.  but we did eat lots of great food, did some shopping, and sat on the beach when it wasn't pouring rain.

now i am freaking out because john's plane just landed!  i still won't see him for four more days, but just the thought of him being on the same continent is so exciting!

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