yingge, 1,000 year-old-egg, and other things.

today was our last full day with the hsu family.  they noticed that i really liked the pottery in jiufen, so they took us to yingge where they have a pottery museum and a street market dedicated entirely to pottery.  i was in ceramics heaven.  we bought the hsu family a gift, which was a little awkward, since we made them pick it out.  but i think they really liked the potted plant we gave them, and it looked lovely in their home.  i wish i could have bought my mom a similar potted plant.  maybe on my eight hour layover home, i can take a trip to yingge again?

they took us to a restaurant for lunch and i ate shark and 1000 year-old egg!  please take a look at that egg.  it is black.  they "used" to make it by soaking it in horse pee for a really long time so…. pretty awesome.  who is this adventurous eater that is me?

for dinner that night I got to meet most of john’s converts.  these people are so awesome!  it was cool to realize the impact that john’s two-year mission has had in the lives of these people.  they talked about the happiness the gospel has brought into their lives. {i know this because john had to translate the whole evening}.  and just imagining the impact they may have on the lives of others in taiwan, it makes me really happy.

and can we just stop here and talk for a minute about how amazing my husband is?  he is freakin awesome.  he dedicated his whole heart and soul to the Lord on his mission.  he didn’t complain once {he’s not much of a complainer anyway} and he speaks great chinese.  he is so quiet, that you would never even begin to realize how smart, talented, funny, kind, and wonderful he is unless you spent a weekend or two in asia with him.  trust me, i have.  and i am one lucky gal.  

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