together once again.

john and i found each other!  after a loooong day of clinical anticipating meeting john, my final meeting ended and i raced out to see him.  it was a happy reunion.  
alright, enough of the sappy stuff.
but i do really love this man:

after a happy reunion, john's nice friend ernie took us to the pier and to get some mango ice deliciousness.  he also fed us and the missionaries.  he is such a nice man!  then, we went to bed early, because we had to wake up at 11pm to drive to alishan. the three hours of sleep was totally worth it:  {watching the sun rise in alishan definitely goes in my top five favorite moments of taiwan.  the other top moments include my reunion with john and riding scooters in kenting.}

after a loooong drive to taipei, ernie showed us around dansui.  he took us to the beach!  

then we went to meet the shu family.  i have only just barely met them and i already love them!  they were one of the families that john baptized while he was on his mission here.  the father is now a bishop!  they are amazing people and even though i have a difficult time communicating with them, they are patient with me and try to communicate back.  {and john translates too of course}


Briana Aileen said...

yay I am happy you are together! and the sunrise pictures are stunning!

tandaschroeder said...

You guys are a beautiful couple. I reaaallyyy like you two together. Hahaha! I hope you are enjoying having him there. I've found that I completely take my husband for granted sometimes.

Enjoy Taiwan!

♥ xoxo.